TiE Boston Angels provides funding and advice to early-stage companies in the US. We leverage the TiE Network to provide value. 

TiE Boston Angels are part of TiE Global Angels. We actively syndicate with other TiE chapter angels, other angel groups, and VCs.

New! TiE Boston Angels US-India Initiative: TiE Boston Angels are exploring investing in Indian VC-funded (Series A or pre-Series A) companies registered in the US and looking to address US market needs where TiE can help. 


Process: The TiE Boston Angels Leadership Team screens all opportunities. We introduce entrepreneurs to TiE Boston Angels members through our Investor Forums meetings, held five times yearly. Attendance at these meetings is only by invitation. After presenting at the Investor Forum meeting, depending on interest, we will set up deeper dive and due diligence calls. Investment decisions are made after our due diligence.

The next TiE Boston Angels Investor Forum date is June 17, 2024.

The deadline for consideration is 5 pm EDT, June 6, 2024.

Session Chair: Myank Jain